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    Peru Akamonkai newly registered...

    On the 14th of April 2014, Peru Akamonkai was newly registered to UTokyo Alumni Association as the253rd Alumni Associationof all and the fourth in Latin America. The n...


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    Mexico Akamonkai newly established...

    On March 9th, the inaugural meeting of Mexico Akamonkai was held in Mexico city with 17 alumni including both Mexicans and Japanese attending the ceremony.After Presid...


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    The new name “UTokyo Alumni Associa...

    Since established in 2004, "Akamon Gakuyukai" has been engaged in a variety of alumni activities including expanding alumni networks, hold seminars and so forth. Conse...



Welcome to the Todai Alumni homepage!

One of the priorities of Vision for Action in the March 2010 “The University of Tokyo Action Scenario: FOREST 2015” was to “build a close-knit network with our alumni.”


The alumni office has developed a framework in which alumni can participate in the promotion of their own intellectual activity, so that all graduates can continue to have ties with the university over their lifetime and continue to contribute culturally and scientifically to the creation of a fair society from a global perspective. We hope to actively support the activities of domestic and international alumni groups, strengthening our international alumni network in order to engage as many of our alumni as possible.

Masako EGAWA
Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo Director, Alumni Office

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